Origin Legend of Zelda
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Awakening
Party Member Link

Hyrule is a world appearing in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening.


Castle Hyrule

Hyrule Castle is a large castle housing the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Castle Town

Hyrule Castle Town is located in front of Hyrule Castle, and is accessible from the east, south and west. There are multiple people walking around the town, although only a select few will interact.

Hyrule Field

Hyrule Field is a large series of interconnected fields and plains between Ordon Village and Castle Town. It has recently become saturated with Heartless, and random strings of terrible weather and storms are side effects of this.

Ordon Village

Ordon Village is Link's home town, and lies on the border of Ordon Woods. Within the village, there resides four families and their homes, as well as are a few families and their houses, plus Sera's Sundries. Located in the southernmost plains of Hyrule, large, rolling hills separate Ordon Village and Hyrule's Castle.[1]


Fleeing Destiny

Approximately two years after his adventures in Hyrule, Link is visited once again when Lexaln Siurt and his friends Occidere Way, Dante Saxon, and Ceodore Harvey. They coincide with the recent appearance of Heartless in the surrounding countryside; angered at them for snatching away livestock and ruining crops, Link jumps at the chance of helping the group stop them after relegating his chiefly status to a villager temporarily. He travels with them to Hyrule Castle, only to see Castle Town overrun with Heartless. After fighting their way to the center of the castle, they find Alalngar and Jushur. The group fight the two, and after coming to a relative stalemate, the two leave the world. Lexaln and his friends attempt to follow them, and Link stays behind to rebuild the land.




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