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Hybrid Heartless is an alternate type of Heartless featured in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts and POS-1732. Although Avastar: Kingdom Hearts and POS-1732 use the same name, the explanation defining Hybrid Heartless is very different in each story.


The league of abstraction, during their restoration experiments, found out that a heartless could be forced to remain within its original body if the said body was corrupted by an equal amount of darkness, this results in an incomplete life form that must feed on souls and light to survive, it is highly efficient at eliminating nobodys. such an entity emits a very rare form of pure darkness upon which other heartless are able to feed on and become more powerful. Only one of them has ever successfully been created, it is referred to as Revoidon. The extremely artificial conditions of there creation, and the inherent sterility of the product, make it unlikely that it will ever be produced on a massive scale. in spite of this, the creation of Revoidon was a key step in restoration technology because it offered a way to force a heart within a body.

Avastar: Kingdom Hearts

Silent Stalker, an example of an Emblem/Emblem Hybrid Heartless in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts

Shadow X, an example of a Pureblood/ Pureblood Hybrid Heartless.

In Avastar: Kingdom Hearts, Hybrid Heartless are exactly as it sounds: Fusions of Heartless, or rather, fusions of the entity of Heartless: an experiment gone through by Bradley Millar. The fusions can be Pureblood/Pureblood, Emblem/Emblem, even Pureblood/Emblem. Bradley also injected some of his own cells into some of these Heartless, and can summon them at will because of this.

A Hybrid Heartless named with an "X" at the end means that it is either a fusion or alteration of only one kind of Heartless, for example, Shadow X was created by altering a Shadow.



A combination of two Pureblood Heartless. This combination is difficult to produce, as such a pure form cannot easily be fused with the form intact. Although difficult, the combination is possible, though not as hard as fusing Emblems and Purebloods. As they are fused with only Purebloods, the Heartless Emblem is not present.



A combination of two Emblem Heartless. This combination is the easiest combination, as the Emblem heartless were artificial to begin with. The Heartless Emblem is present.



A combination of a Pureblood Heartless and an Emblem Heartless. This combination is extremely difficult to make. The Heartless Emblem is sometimes present on these Heartless, though not always. There are very few success stories in this combination, however, there are a few notable ones: