Hyakki Emperor Burai

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Emperor Burai.png
Kana ブライ
Origin Getter Robo G (1975)
Getter Robo Armageddon (1998)
Alias Bray, The Demon King
Type Oni
Role Antagonist
Gender Male
Alignment Hyakki Empire
Home World Makai (Demon Realm)
Status Revived
English Voice Troy Baker
Japanese Voice Jurota Kosugi

Burai is a fearsome Oni Lord who becomes involved in the Getterborn Riots.


Burai resembles a middle aged humanoid with a pair of large antler-like horns extending from his head that features outgrown hair and a beard, and is always seen in a military uniform.


Burai is megalomaniacal after his transformation into an advanced Oni, desiring to conquer the world under an iron fist. Driven mad with power, he sees all other lifeforms as below him. He is said to bear a grudge against a certain God of War for what he did to Burai's demon brethren, as well as anyone who worships that god, including Gor.


Burai is expected to make his first appearance to the Gummi Team in Dunbroch.


  • "This world belongs to neither humans nor Saurians! Nay, it belongs to demons!"


  • Burai is not to be confused with the real name of Dragon Ranger, in whose original series, dinosaurs were on the side of good.
  • Despite being the same version from Getter Robo Armageddon's continuity, Burai's appearance in Getterborn Rising is much closer to his counterparts in the classic manga and Getter Robo Daikessen.
  • The reason he has Ryoma's english voice actor and Gor has Hayato's is due to the fact that their Armageddon counterparts were bio engineered with Ryoma and Hayato's DNA.
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