Humble Regalia
(フンブレ レガリア)
Humble Regalia
"A Keyblade with a humorous appearance. It raises the effectiveness of restoration items used in the field."
Strength Magic
4 2
Item Boost
Complete Imperial Terraces.

Humble Regalia is a Keyblade obtained by Lily Marina, Anthony DiNotte, and Alexis LaReine during their journey. It has a long reach and average strength.


The shaft of the Keyblade is a mountain, with two smaller mountains flanking it on either side. The crossguard is two of Yzma's infamous potion bottles, complete with questionable pink liquid filling them. The teeth of the Humble Regalia is formed in part by a llama and in part by King Kuzco's crown. The Keychain is also a llama.

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