Hubert-class Heavy Command Cruiser
Name Hubert-class Heavy Command Cruiser
Origins P-1112 Agaion (Ace Combat)
Class Heavy Command Cruiser
Length 433.3m (1421.6 ft)
Width 963.8m (3162.1 ft)
Height 174.4m (572.2 ft)
Mass 111,000 tonnes
Engine 4 Ion Pulse Engine Core Blocks (6 engines per Block)
Shield Gen. Level 1 Shield Generator
Hull 3m Laminated Gummi-Block Hull

2m Titanium-A Battle Plate

Sensor Radar

Autonomous Drone System

Navigation NAV Computer
Target TRYX-BOXER Fire Control System
Counter Measures Emergency Thrusters

Flare Canister Shells

Armament 7 Nimbus-class Multi-Purpose Burst Missile Pods (9 Missiles Per Pod)

250 Quezacoatl-class Missile Pods (20 Missiles Per Pod) 40 50-mm MLA Auto-cannons

Complement 6 Fighter Squadrons or 2 Frigate-sized Ships in Bay

2 Frigate-class Ships, one under each wing

Crew 5400
Skeleton 600
Passengers 1100
Capacity 6500
Consumables 2 years
First Use 94 DC
Role Heavy Command Cruiser

Aircraft Carrier

Story Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy
Affiliation Union of the Realm of Light

List of Hubert-class Heavy Command Cruisers

LUS Hubert

LUS Kestrel

LUS Buzzard (Destroyed in the Battle of Atlantica, September 30, 0109 DC

LUS Vulture (Destroyed in the Battle of Atlantica, September 30, 0109 DC)

LUS Goshawk

LUS Harrier

LUS Condor

LUS Barbett

LUS Osprey

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