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Benevolence: Hai everyone and welcome to the Holy Blade Order News!

With your Host Benevolence! And Co host Niko Bellic! Our Top Story today is...

“How to shoot a gun for dummies!” Malevolence Talks! And then we take some callers!

Benevolence: Okay! Now for How to shoot a gun with Niko Bellic!

Niko Bellic: Yes you heard it first Benevolence! How to shoot a gun!

And yes even if Mom’s and Dad’s Protest for us not to here we are doing so!

Benevolence: Cool!

Niko Bellic: It sure is but I won’t teach here we have the Carjacker from last time have turned into a

Snatcher and you friendly local terrorist! Here we are with Carjacker!

Carjacker: Yeah baby! I’ll teach you all bout bangin your BF’s wife!

Benevolence: Neat!

Carjacker: What happens if you find a gun in the house kids?

Child: First! Check if it’s loaded!

Carjacker: Good so we don’t want any accidents! So look down the barrel and-

Child: Pull the trigger!

-A very strong gunshot is heard-

Carjacker: Now Kid you made a mess! So quickly put it in your purse for your future!

Benevolence: Now let’s take some callers!

Caller: Hello. I want to buy a gun! But all I can find are Swords and a Keylike thingy! They suck!

Benevolence: Go to Liberty City the “Worst Place in America” but to me “The Best Place in America!”

And got get one at Ammu*Nation!

Caller: How much?

Benevolence: For a pistol you get 20 bullets for 50 Dollars!

Caller: Cool! I’ll go get one! And surprise my Family and Friends!

Benevolence: Okay Happy Hunting! Well that’s it for the show! Goodnight Liberty City!

This is your Host Benevolence and Co Host Niko Bellic in!

Niko Bellic: The Holy Blade Order news see you next episode!

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