Hello and welcome to the world of Malevolence’s World!

Narrator: Feeling the world is about to end? We hope so we need the ratings... The news is next.

Benevolence: Hai and Welcome to the Holy Blade Order News! Our Headliner....

“How to Steal a Car”! Yes! You heard it exclusively here friends! How to Steal a Car with

Niko Bellic!

Niko Bellic: Yes Benevolence you heard it first everyone. Now I’m with a Regular Carjacker!

So Mister Carjacker how could we do it?

Carjacker: You call it the three G’s Grab, Get and... Err... Go!

-Opens the Door of the car-

Woman: AHHHHH!

Man: Hey Man! That’s my Car and my Wife!

Carjacker: Hurry up man!

-Car leaves-

Man: Hey Comeback!

Niko Bellic: Hey let’s get some burgers down at Burger Shot huh?

Carjacker: Sure man no prob!

Niko Bellic: Now people of Liberty City now you know how! Back to you Benevolence.

Benevolence: Well there you have it! Hope you enjoyed until Next time!

This is your Host Benevolence! For The Holy Blade Order News! With Co Host Niko Bellic! Goodnight Everyone!

Niko Bellic: How much is the Double Shot?

Lady: Four Dollars.

Niko Bellic: Okay one of that and a Milkshake.

Carjacker: Get me the same as His okay baby?

Lady: Okay that would be Ten Dollars.

Niko Bellic: I only got 7.

Carjacker: Don’t worry I got a solution!

-A Scream of an old lady-

Carjacker: Hey I’m back!

Carjacker: Okay I got... Whoa! 1,000,000 Dollars!

Malevolence: Must be a retirement fund...

Niko Bellic: We hit the Jackpot!

Benevolence: I’m Glad your okay Niko Bellic and the LCPD has not got you yet!

Carjacker: Crap! I love my job!

Niko Bellic: Hey Benevolence wana join us?

Benevolence: Sure why not?

Niko Bellic: Yes!

Carjacker: We got ourselves a third member!

Benevolence: *smiles* I can wait!

Noah: And.... That’s all folks!

Benevolence: Hey! That’s my job! Also why are you here Noah? Annnd Why are you coping Bugs Bunny!

Noah: I need to end the show we are running out of Air time... and That’s Copy Righted Benevolence...

Niko Bellic: This is Niko Bellic with a Carjacker for The Holy Blade Order News!

Benevolence: Don’t forget about me too!

-Episode ends... Seriously-

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