Holly Short
Kana ホーリーショート
(Hori Shoto)
Origin Artemis Fowl series
Type Elf
Role Ally
First seen Chapter III
Home world Earth
Age 80 years (approx.)
Occupation LEPrecon officer
Weapon(s) LEP tech, fairy magic
Inexistent Misadventure character

Holly Short is a character in Inexistent Misadventure. She originates from the Artemis Fowl universe.

The first ever female officer in the Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance division, Captain Short is a confident, assertive and intuitive individual. She has very high moralistic standards, and is also unflinchingly loyal to her friends and comrades. Although her headstrong nature often puts her into conflict with her orders, generally resulting in her being the subject of multiple investigations by the LEP's Internal Affairs, she is respected and admired by almost everyone who knows her.


After his initial meeting with Xehanort, Sorceror Nobody lands in Haven City, just in time for Holly to trip over him. Understandably wary of him, it takes only the slightest suggestion of a threat for her to knock him out with her buzz baton and arrest him. After taking him to Police Plaza, she presents him to Commander Julius Root as her excuse for being late to work.

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