Hollow Sect
Name Hollow Sect
Members Cruoris
Role Good
Story Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence

The Hollow Sect is an organization from Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. They are comprised of nine independent, human-formed Heartless.


The Hollow Sect first and foremost was created to abide by the Pact. Founded by Cruoris, they exist to forcibly extricate and destroy the lesser Heartless that still constantly seek out the worlds' hearts, unable to control their instinct. They hope that by defending the worlds, they may change people's opinion about the Heartless, proving that Heartless are capable of doing good. As a whole, this group rivals the Legion of Keybearers in terms of strict discipline and order, with each member sharing their leader's ideals, striving to meet his goals. There is no uniform, however members of the Sect dress nicer in outfits that tend to show a bit of skin, yet still hold a high level of professionalism.


Thirteen years ago, the Hollow Sect had been tracking the Heartless that had slain Vylinn's father, but were too late in preventing the tragedy. To make amends, They now aim to seek Vylinn out, despite the fact that he is a Keyblader, and offer him their protection. They also seek out Ryed, who the Pact had chosen as representatives of the Heartless.

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