Hollow Bastion
Hollow Bastion.jpg
Origin Kingdom Hearts
Stories Kingdom Hearts Legacy
Theme Music Hollow Bastion
Battle Music Scherzo Di Notte
Party Member N/A

Hollow Bastion is a world in Kingdom Hearts Legacy that originally appeared in Kingdom Hearts II.



For more information, see Hollow Bastion.

In Kingdom Hearts, Maleficent had taken over the worlds, and used it as a base of operations. Sora eventually came along and defeated Maleficent and Riku, who was possessed by Ansem at the time.

The world reappears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, as a world based on memories. Sora has to go another round with Maleficent to finish this world.

The world also appears in Kingdom Hearts II, and then new areas can be explored, including the town. The Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee is working hard on rebuilding the town, and Maleficent is once again up to no good. She soon declares war against the town, and the Heartless started to march on towards their target. Sora and co. eventually defeated them, and went on to defeat the Master Control Program of Ansem's computer, which was also causing havoc. After those battles were won, it is revealed that the original name of Hallow Bastion was Radiant Garden.

Hollow Bastion will also be appearing in the upcoming game, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Two of the main characters, Terra and Ven, have been seen there, talking to each other.


Hollow Bastion reappears in KHL and is used as a base of operations for numerous characters. The world remains the home world for numerous Final Fantasy characters, and the Moogles.

The HBRC has almost completely recreated the original town, but have unfortunately stopped al actions due to "other interests". Maleficent is once again using the Villains Vale as a base of operations, but she does not seem to be interfering with the town.

The castle can be accessed like in the first Kingdom Hearts game, but the elevators do not seem to work, resulting in further use of the indoor stairs.

Individual stories

  • Aiden was banished to this world by Lord Kami. Any other information on the subject is currently unknown.
  • Xashowd awakens here in the Garden of Assemblage after taking to sleep 100 years before. He awakens from an unusual dream with one main goal in mind: Reviving the fallen Organization XIII so that they may aid him in finding a creature known as the Dark Fenrir, and possibly find out the answers to the questions he holds.
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