Gainaz's mom
Origin Prologus: Bionic Fantasy
Type Human
Role Supporting Character
Age 17-mid 20's (age of death)
Gender Female
Home World Ankoku Nui
Family Gainaz (son)
Scryptorek (forced spouse, murderer)
Status Deceased
English Voice Utada Hikaru
Japanese Voice Utada Hikaru
Hikari was Gainaz's mother, and is a posthumous supporting character in Prologus: Bionic Fantasy.



Hikari is a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a white sleeveless top with a long skirt and white shoes.


From what Gainaz says about her, Hikari was what he describes as the perfect mother; kind, beautiful, sensitive, independent, unselfish, honest, and wanting to spread love and happiness throughout the land.


Before the start of Prologus, Hikari was summoned to the Choujintei's palace for an unspecified duty, and bore a son named Gainaz with an unidentified father. She discovered a terrible secret concerning the Choujintei and sent Gainaz away to Ankoku Metru for his own protection, before she was murdered by the Choujintei himself.

Gainaz remembers little else of his mother apart from her appearance and the fact that she loved him supremely enough to give her life, which he is eternally grateful for; so Gainaz expresses his affection to Zonan on a daily basis since the day they first met, just as Hikari had done for him.


"Hikari" is Japanese for "light", and is coincidentally the name of the theme of Kingdom Hearts, as sung by the character's voice actress.


  • Hikari's appearance is based heavily on Stella Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
  • Utada Hikaru has the unique distinction of voicing the same character in both the English and Japanese versions.

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