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Henry IX
Kana ヘンリーIX

Henrī IX (Transliteration)

Origin Original Character
Original Name Henry Benedict Thomas Edward Maria Clement Francis Xavier of Lancastria

Henri Benoit Thomas Édouard Maria Clément François Xavier de Lancastria (Archelonian

Type Human
Role Henrician Pretender to the Novaran-Archelonian throne

King of Novara-Archelonia

Age 17 (Marche au Supplice)

39 (at death)

Home World Saint-Illiers
Family Édouard VI (Father)

Queen Jeanne (Mother)
Charles I of Plantagenia (Brother)

Weapon Platinum Sword
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Henry IX of Novara-Archelonia (Archelonian:Henri IX) born Henry Benedict Thomas Edward Maria Clement Francis Xavier (Archelonian: Henri Benoit Thomas Édouard Maria Clément François Xavier de Lancastria) was King of Novara-Archelonia from 136 BDC to 112 BDC (23288-23312 EUC). He succeeded his father, Edward VI despite his position being contested by his twin brother Charles. Being a man of deep piety, the Church awarded him the honorary title of Prince-Bishop of Tusculum. After the Act of Secession in 105 DC, he remained King Henry IX of Novara but was styled Henry VI of Archelonia (Archelonian: Henri VI).

Early Life

Henry was born on 2 March 151 BDC (23273 EUC) to King Edward VI and his mother Queen Jeanne, born on the same day as his twin, Prince Charles. They were Edwards sole children, yet their birth would complicate matters on who would come to the throne, but was not immediately dealt with due to other matters. As a royal prince he was educated to the best standard by personal tutors suggested by the King and Queen as well as their advisors. Upon birth, he was styled as Comte de Saint-Illiers (Count of Saint-Illiers).

Henry's piety attracted many likewise supporters, primarily those of the Restorationist Party, who saw his deep views as a beacon of conservative rule and to bring them closer to the light. This claim would be contested by sects of the Reformist Party, who supported his twin brother Prince Charles. Upon the death of King Edward, it was the Restorationists who acted first, successfully putting him on the throne. But before they see about disposing of the other Prince, Charles managed to escape, and raise enough forces to stage a rebellion against the crown.

Marche au Supplice

Appearance & Personality

Henry was always a pious individual, and during his reign was one who supported the Church in expanding their influence, an irony despite the churches neutrality (and in some circles attempts to circumvent his power) during the War of Succession. However he always managed to maintain a balance between the church, and the state. He also had a streak of Dilligence and parience, shown despite severe defeats during the War which ultimately payed off when the rebels suffered a decisive defeat during the invasion of the Dual Monarchy's homelands.

Weapon & Fighting Style

Henry's weapon is the Platnium Sword.


Comte de Saint-Illiers (151-112 BDC)

Duc d'Anjou (151-131 BDC)

Duc d'Archelonia (131-112 BDC)