Heaven's Light
(ヒカリ ノ テントー Hikari no Tentou)
Heaven's Light
"An odd Keyblade that must be wielded in reverse. It increases the power of Fire Magic."
Strength Magic
+4 +1
Alexis LaReine, Lily Marina, and Anthony DiNotte
Fire Boost
Finish Sanctified Citadel

The Heaven's Light is a Keyblade given to Anthony, Lily, and Alex after they complete Sanctified Citadel. It is the only Keyblade designed to be wielded in a reverse grip, like Ven's Wayward Wind, to be found in Shadows of Eternity.


The hilt of the Heaven's Light is actually a small cross, with the crossguard being in the shape of an angel's wing. The shaft of the Keyblade is a longsword, and the teeth of the key are a golden sun. While wielded by Anthony and Lily, the shaft appears to be slightly shorter, more like a normal sword, while Alex has a shaft more on par with a true longsword. As stated above, it is only one of two Keyblades in the game that has the hilt and guard positioned off the shaft, rather than aligned with it.


In one cutscene where Alex is fighting the Unknown, she tries to use the Heaven's Light Keyblade against the Unknown, only for it to callously smack it from her hands. It later appears in the secret movie as one of the Keyblades that various Masked Youths pick up from the Keyblade Graveyard


  • The reverse-wielding of this Keyblade may come from its Japanese name, where the word "Tentou" can be translated as "Heaven" or as "reverse",
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