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Heaven's Hollow
(ヘヴァンスホロー Hevansu Horō)
"A fragment of Ichigo Kurosaki's two-sided soul.
Its blade can just about pierce the sky."
Strength Magic
+10 +10
Zane Koroshiya
Piercer of Heaven
Defeat the Ichigo Sentiment

Heaven's Hollow is a Keyblade wielded by Zane Koroshiya in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. It is obtained after Zane defeats the Ichigo Sentiment, and is considered his strongest Keyblade.


The Heaven's Hollow has a rather basic design; its shaft and hilt are composed of a black-bladed daitō with black stitching and a red material underneath. The guard is composed of two slanted versions of Zangetsu's blade. The teeth consists of one half of the guard of Tensa Zangetsu, with the prongs pointing forward. The Keychain is a miniature version of Ichigo's second Hollow mask. The name comes from the name of Ichigo's Bankai (Heaven Chain Slaying Moon) and Ichigo's status as a Soul Reaper-Hollow hybrid.


Heaven's Hollow's exclusive ability, Piercer of Heaven (ピエルサーオブヘヴァン, Pierusā Obu Hevan), focuses on its combo finisher. Instead of any preset combo finisher, Heaven's Hollow makes a wide slash, forming a bright blue crescent moon shape which is fired toward the enemy. The name and appearance of the ability are based on the special ability of Zangetsu, Getsuga Tenshō.

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