Hearthome City
Heathome City
Origin pokemon
Stories Destiny to Come
Theme Music N/A
Party Member Sony and Soly

Hearthome City is an area introduced in Destiny to Come.


The first area you arrive at is outside the home of Sony and Soly, then you go inside, which is known as Sony and Soly's House. Optional areas you can go to are the Sewers, Church, The Poffin House, Jerry's House, First Apartment, Second Apartment, Item Store, or the Hearthome Hotel. The main location is the Hearthome Coliseum.


Hearthome City makes it's debut in The Awakening, where Luvre first comes after being consumed by darkness at Twinleaf Town. Luvre has his first real boss battle after Ralor with the organization member Fantina. The town keyhole is locked and the unknown can no longer attack the city and nearby areas.


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