Heart of Ice
(しんこおり Shin Koori)
Heart of Ice
"A blade that tells one cold story, it appears that it is made of cold air."
Strength Magic
3 5
Defeat Heira in the The Lost World.

Heart of Ice is a Keyblade used by Heira in Kingdom Hearts: Reloaded. Shortly after leaving Ai Town, Heira was attacked by dark creatures, Heartless, Heira was unable to defend himself against the Heartless till the Heart of Ice appeared in his hands to save him during the battle. Since then, the Heart of Ice has become the signature weapon of Heira.


The Heart of Ice was designed with the element of ice heavily in mid, the blade is similar to that of a Kingdom Key, the primary difference being that of a built hilt. The Heart of Ice is known to give off a freezing chill whenever it is swung.

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