Sure, I sense Heart's Desire's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Heart's Desire
(ドラゴンハンター Dragon Hunter)
"A Keyblade that expresses the deepest desire of the Heart, and the darkness they hide."
Strength Magic
12 8


Blackest Rage - Criticle Point. Surrounds user is a deep aura of Darkness, causing all attacks to take the Dark elemental property and deal 2.5 times as much damamge
Defeat Vayne

Heart's Desire is Orion's second most powerful weapon in Kingdom Hearts: Shattered, and his most powerful one in story mode, only surpassed by Ultima in Multi-Player. It can also be equip by Demitri-Orion in Multi-Player.


Heart's Desire is almost completely black, with some silver accents. The hand guard resembles an oval with several runs in enscribed alone the edges, while the blade is made of three shafts with a half circle that contains a demonic red eye in it, while the teeth are in the form of a bladed claw resembling the claw's Sulpher takes when Vayne uses Eluding Thorns. The keychain is an angular cat head, signifying that Sulpher is Vayne's weapon.


Heat's Desire is named because it is gained by defeating Vayne when under possession of Other Vayne, whose goal is to grant Vayne's deepest desire.

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