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Hayato Jin
Jin Hayato.jpg
Kana 神隼人
Romaji Jin Hayato
Origin Getter Robo (1974)
Getter Robo Armageddon (1998)
Type Human
Role ally
Gender Male
Alignment Getter Pilots
Weapon Guns, Knives and explosives
Status Alive
English Voice Bill Wise (Armageddon)
Steven Blum (Getterborn Rising)
Japanese Voice Naoya Uchida

Hayato Jin is one of three Getter Pilots who are to become embroiled in the Getterborn Riots.


Hayato is an older man with dark colored hair and scars across his left eye, nose, and on his chin. He wears a peach-colored shirt, a blue vest, grey pants, a dark colored tie, and grey shoes, but he is also sometimes wearing a black jacket.


Hayato is a cool-headed tactician with a cunning mind. Despite his manipulative past and oft times ruthless persona, he has come to trust his teammates and considerably eased up on his pragmatism. Despite his use of Riku to draw out Sora, Hayato confirmed his willingness to harm Riku was a bluff, and even apologized for it.

He is cautiously optimistic about the possibility of Ryoma still being alive somewhere in the Realm of Light, despite his immense faith in Ryoma's impressive fighting skills and ability to survive in various situations.

Hayato is also knowledgeable in Getter Rays, though not necessarily nearly as much as Master Goken or Dr. Saotome.


Hayato was separated from his team when they arrived at the Realm of Light, and started looking for Sora and Riku for presumably similar reasons to his teammate Benkei, who finds the Keyblade Warriors first. After Gummi Kaiser's first battle, he is first seen holding Riku at gunpoint from behind, ordering him to call for Sora. When Sora arrives to the rescue, Benkei comes with him and recognizes Hayato, and Riku is safely released.

After properly introducing himself to the Gummi Pilots, Hayato establishes communications with the Gummi Team as they set off to help the worlds being attacked by the Getterborn, also asking them to look for Ryoma.

Musical Theme(s)

"Heiwa no Senshi Tachi (Warriors of Peace)" is a song attributed to Hayato in the classic anime, with it's vocals sung by Ichiro Mizuki.


  • Hayato's Japanese voice actor previously voiced Captain Hook in Birth by Sleep.
  • His english voice in New Getter Robo also voices Saix/Isa.
  • His english voice in Getter Robo Armageddon is not to be confused with the Bill Wise[1] who voices Screenslaver in Incredibles 2.