Origin Kingdom Hearts- Heartbeat resonance
Alias Idiot-prince

Harestu the Mouse

Type Human (thinks he's a mouse)
Role Protagonist
Age 14 (KH1/prologue)

15-17 (Kingdom Hearts- Heartbeat resonance)

Home World Disney castle
Family Mickey Mouse (foster father)

Minnie Mouse (foster mother)

Weapon Heart of the god (keyblade)
Status Alive
"He appears like a child, but with the presence of a god. And the wisdom of a teen" - Micky on Haretsu

Haretsu is one of the protagonists of Heartbeat Resonance. Haretsu is the adopted son of King Mickey and the current prince of Disney castle. Despite him not being a part of the "Daffodils" Haretsu is still a part of the "King Trinity" group, which he formed with his friends, Nikko and Hikari.


Haretsu is an average height young boy with light skin and short, blond, spiky hair with two large, a bit rounded spikes resembling mouse ears

Haretsu's outfit consists a green, open vest, navy blue puffy pants similar to sora's, a diagonal black sash over his chest and a dragon-head shaped shoulderplate on his right shoulder. He does not wear a shirt.

During the prologue, Haretsu wore a black Organization XIII robe


Most of the time, Haretsu displays a carefree, cheerful, easy-go-lucky personality. Haretsu, in a similar way to Sora, is an optimistic, simple minded boy who is loyal to his friends. He is often calm yet can easily get excited and energetic.

In a similar way to Hikari, Haretsu is capable of taking his job seriously and usually works in a straightforward way to complete it.

Haretsu also has a clever, cunning side, as during the entire prologue he served as a spy within Organization XIII.

Haretsu is aware to Hikari's and Nikko's feelings and romantic insecurities and often turns Nikko's teasing attempts against both of his friends.



Haretsu, like his friends, is a keyblade weilder. Most of the time, Haretsu wields his personal keyblade "Heart of the God".

Harestu's fighting style consists of two-handed, heavy strikes, similar to Sora's style. Haretsu is a capable fighter on ground, however his true strength lies in his aerial combat abilities. Haretsu excels in aerial combat and can easily execute combos fitting both air VS air and air VS ground situations.


When it comes to magic, Haretsu is only a medicore spellcaster. Haretsu is capable of only the basic elements and a few darkness based spells. Despite this, Haretsu is the only member of the trio that can use the powerful Meteor spell.


Haretsu, like all Kingdom Hearts: Heartbeat Resonance, is capable of using the resonance ability introduced in the game. Haretsu, lacking in magic compared to his friends, often compensates for that using the resonance. His personal resonance technique, Overpulse, allowes Haretsu to unleash the energy gathered using resonance in a form of an energy wave.


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