Dean Abigail Hardscrabble
Abigail Hardscrabble.png
Kana ?
Romaji ?
Japanese ?
Origin Monsters University
Original Name Hardscrabble
Type One with centipede legs and dragon wings
Role Ally/Supporting Character
Age ?
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral
Home World Monsters University
Other residences Cybug
Family None
Weapon None
English Voice Helen Mirren
Japanese Voice ?

Hardcrabble is the character from Monsters University. In KH: ITHOTCR, she may be very strict Dean in the University. First of all, whereas Fulmen in monster form seems to be the scariest. The two Keyblade Masters.

She then sees Lumina in completely different form of a spiritual angel, similar to that in Diablo 3. Hardscrabble claims that Lumen in different form is the scaries of the monsters and everything. Strictly speaking, Lumen shies and flies away shyly from Hardscrabble and she doesn't want to scare anyone, because she is the final Princess of Heart, the 13th.

During Xehanort virus outbreak, however she senses out that Vanitas is much scarier than her; he threatens to kill her, calls her not a scary monster, however, two Keyblade Masters, Fulmen and Lumen foil his plan, to save her from him.


  • To Keyblade Warriors: If you abide by the rules to be behave properly, you have to work hard.
  • To Vanitas: You do not belong here in this university. You are nothing but embodiment of evil and you are giving creatures and chidren misery.
  • From Vanitas: You are nothing but not a monster, come to me.
  • To Calhoun: Greetings, but how did you come from other universe.
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