Haosian-Leonese War
American troops raising the Flag at Fort San Antonio De Abad, Malate, Philippines (1899).jpg
Haosian Imperial Troops raising the flag at Fort San Antonio on Abad Island
Start Date:March 17, 6 BDC End Date:April 11, 5 BDC
Location: Border Worlds between the Haos Region and the Leonese Sector, the Realm of Light
Result: Haosian Victory:

-Slight Border Adjustments
-Failure of Emperor Samuel Roamanus to secure the Leonese throne.
-Leonese support for the Rebel Alliance.

Haos Empire Kingdom of Leon
Emperor Samuel I Romanus

General Nelson Appleton
Admiral Thomas Sampson

Queen Dowager Maria Christina de Pau-Teschen

State Minister Práxedes Mariano Escolar
Admiral Patricio Pasarón
General Arsenio Pombo

330,000,000 340,000,000
20,000,000 Dead

10,000,000 Wounded
4,500,000 Captured

62,000,000 Dead

29,000,000 Wounded
6,700,000 Captured

The Haosian-Leonese War was a major conflict fought between the Haosian Empire and the Kingdom of Leon. Taking advantage of a territorial dispute, the war was initiated as part of Emperor Samuel's attempts at united the entire Realm of Light under his totalitarian, Skotocratic (Rule of Darkness) rule. The conflict, which lasted a little over a year, ended with in a Leonese defeat, but his failure to procure the vassalizaion of Leon to the Haosian Empire helped embolden Samuel's opposition, leading to the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, some three years later, a move supported by the Kingdom of Leon, and leading to the alliance between the future Union of the Realm of Light and the Kingdom of Leon.

Historical Background

The situation with Leon dates back to the New Dark Wars (2000-1000 BDC) where during the crisis, a series of worlds on the eastern fringes of the Haos Republic to secede from the union in 1483 BDC. United under Theodoricus I, the First Kingdom of Leon seceded, swearing neutrality to conflict between Haos and the Third Dark Empire. After the war ended in 1000, Haos did consider reintegrating the Leonese Worlds (now divided into at least four different Kingdoms) back into the Republic, but ultimately never came to fruition, regarding Leon to be no threat to their superiority. This attitude would continue up to the decline of the Republic, long after the worlds of Leon were divided and reunited and established a vast empire in the Ameriga region in the Realm of Twilight.

Leon's territorial retrenchment

However the combined problems of Leon's loss of almost all its Amerigan colonies in the Great Amerigan War, the conflict between liberals and conservatives and the two Carlist Wars between Light and Dark Aligned Monarchs affected a new interpretation of Leon's remaining Empire. Liberal Leonese elites such as Joaquín del Castillo (who briefly served as Leon's Prime Minister) and Emilio Ripoll (a noted Leonese Republican) offered new interpretations of the concept of "empire" to dovetail with Leon's emerging nationalism.

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