Hades the lord of the Underworld and brother of Zeus and other Olympian Gods, over the years he's goal to rule in Zeus' place has always been foiled by Hercules and by the Keyblade Wielder Sora, his friends Donald and Goofy. He is a hotheaded god and emotional, will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and that is to rule Olypmpus.


In the past he helped his siblings overthrown their father and the Titans after escaping Cronus' stomach, he ruled the Underworld and grew jealous of his siblings and Zeus for having more favourable roles.

Shadows of The Past


"Great, first I have to deal with wonder boy and his new family, and that spiked haired runt comes back to ruin my evening. What else could go wrong? (moment of silence) Why did I just say that?" "
—To himself
"Whoa, time out! You guys are now in service of Valdrenn? The Shadow Emperor, the big bad himself who sided with my father! And almost brought the universe into chaos?! I LOVE that guy, even if he is all more scary old god then my old man!"
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