Origin God of War (2005)
Alias God of the Underworld, Wealth, and the Dead.
Type Antagonist
Age Many milennia
Home World Greece
Family Ouranos (grandfather) †
Gaia (grandmother) †
Cronos (father) †
Rhea (mother)
Zeus (brother) †
Poseidon (brother) †
Hera (sister) †
Demeter (sister/mother in-law)
Persephone (wife/niece) †
Ares (nephew) †
Athena (niece) †
Apollo (nephew)
Artemis (niece)
Aphrodite (niece)
Hermes (nephew) †
Hercules (nephew) †
Hephaestus (nephew) †
Theseus (nephew) †
Perseus (nephew) †
Minos (nephew) †
Muses (nieces)
Kratos (nephew)
Deimos (nephew)
Weapon The Claws of Hades
Status Alive
Deceased by the end of the story.
"Kratos. So glad you could carve out some time for us. You know, we need it. I sense some bad blood between us, Kratos. Oh, all the memories... they're overwhelming, really. Let's see... How many sins have you committed against me? Oh, that's right, you murdered my niece, Athena. And what else? What else?! Ah, and you killed my brother, Poseidon. And I have not forgotten that it was you who butchered my beautiful queen!! I will see you suffer as I have suffered! Your soul is mine!!!"
—Hades as Kratos journeys through the Underworld

Hades, God of the Underworld, Wealth, and the Dead, is the uncle of Kratos and the youngest brother of Zeus. The widow of Persephone, he holds a lingering grudge against Kratos, who murdered his wife.

Journal Entries

First Entry

It's definitely Hades, but not the Hades we know. In this world, Hades is a ruthless killer who is easily able to dispose of his enemies and torture them in the Underworld as punishment. He cannot choose who dies, for he is not the God of Death, merely the God of people who are already dead, but he wishes death on Kratos above everything else. Just what did Kratos do to anger him?

Second Entry

Hades, God of the Underworld, Wealth and the Dead, is the uncle of Kratos and widow of Persephone, who was murdered by Kratos. After her death, Hades turned his full attention on making sure that Kratos suffered for what he did. Ordered by Zeus, Hades was forced to help Kratos for ten years while Kratos was under servitude to the Gods. But, now those ten years are over and Hades seeks revenge, by whatever means possible, even if it means killing Kratos himself...

Third Entry

God of the Underworld, Wealth and the Dead. Hades wants Kratos dead, no matter what the cost and will do anything to make sure that Kratos is sent to the Underworld where he can be tortured by Hades. Persephone, Hades' wife and niece and half-sister of Kratos, was the one thing that Hades loved above all else, and, during his servitude to the Gods, Kratos murdered her thus earning the warth of Hades.

Fourth Entry

When Hades, Zeus and Poseidon were young, and ejected from their father's stomach, they ruled the world from Olympus and pulled straws to decide what part of the world each brother ruled. Hades drew the short straw and became in charge of the Underworld. After some time of this, Hades, having fallen in love with Persephone, abducted her from her mother, Demeter. After some persuasion from Zeus, Hades eventually allowed Persephone to return to her mother, but tricked her into eating three pomegranate seeds which meant that she had to spend three months a year in the Underworld. After Persphone was murdered by Kratos, Hades began hankering for revenge, which he intends to get, one way or another, even if it means working with Aros...

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