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—Gwen when talking to Nick most of the time

Gwen is a medium-roled character in SRC. She appears occasionally to either help out her friends, or bug them for her entertainment. Despite that, she still manages to help out everyone in a positive way, although Steven and Justin tend to disagree with how she does it. This is most likely because they dislike Gwen either for jealousy or fear.


Gwen has one outfit she wears in Sonic's Reality Check.

  • Black hair
  • Purple shirt with purple and black roses
  • Blue jeans
  • Black shoes


Gwen has a cheerful and happy personality, although she has very strong dislikes for people such as Grant, Dylan, and Joey to their sexist and perverted ways of life. She speaks her opinion loudly and proudly, and (unique to her character) she tends to both slightly injure AND hug her friends at the same time.

She does appreciate her friends (or most of them at least), but she can be easily angered if someone yells at her for no good reason, friend or not.

She has a good heart, and she is friendly towards the main Sonic cast, although Amy seems to be considered annoying to her.

Gwen's Role

Full role coming soon


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  • Gwen seems to have a rather close relationship with Nick, existing in a sort of balance between regular friends and people who are dating. However, it has been established that the two do not have any romantic ties in SRC at all.
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