Gummi Pilder

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The Gummi Pilder is a new type of Gummi Ship acquired by Riku in Kingdom Hearts: Dynamic Pantheon, and later used by Sora in Kingdom Hearts: Getterborn Rising.

Gummi Pilder
Name Gummi Pilder
Type of Vehicle Gummi Ship
Driven by Riku (DP)
Sora (GR)
Special Abilities Lightspeed Transwarp
Give Mazinger Z Keyblade powers(DP)
Combine with Valor Machine and Wisdom Machine to form Gummi Kaiser
Gained by Complete Chapter 1(DP)
Obtained from Riku (GR)


When Riku first obtains this ship, it gives Mazinger Z the power of the Keyblade when docked into it's head. After Koji Kabuto returns and Great Mazinger is brought into the fray, the Gummi Pilder is modified to also be able to dock into Great Mazinger's head, granting it the same powers.

After Riku used the Gummi Pilder to return home, he loaned it to Sora after his Gummi Ship had been destroyed by the Getterborn. With some further modifications from Benkei Kuruma using some notes from Master Goken, the Gummi Pilder is able to combine with the Valor Machine and Wisdom Machine to form Gummi Kaiser.


  • GokaiWhite had planned earlier to give one Gummi Pilder each to Sora and Riku; Sora's would have been an analogue to the Hover and Jet Pilders for Mazinger Z, and Riku's would have been an analogue to the Brain Condor for Great Mazinger.
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