The Gummi Pilder is a new type of Gummi Ship made for Sora and Riku by GOTHOH.

Gummi Pilder
Name Gummi Pilder
Type of Vehicle Gummi Ship
Driven by Sora, Riku
Special Abilities Lightspeed Transwarp(TTR)
Give Mazinger Z Keyblade powers(DP)
Gained by After first visit to Yggdrashreck(TTR)
Complete Chapter 1(DP)


  • Sora's Gummi Pilder resembles a red, blue, yellow, and green colored Hover Pilder, while Riku's resembles a black and silver Jet Pilder.
  • The computer for Sora's Pilder is voiced by Takayuki Miyauchi, and the one for Riku's is portrayed by Masaaki Endoh.
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