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"Change Gummi Kaiser!" ~ Gummi Team in unison, forming the robot

Gummi Kaiser first render by Esai Gates. Final design may differ.

The Gummi Kaiser (グミカイザー Gumi Kaizā) is a super robot created from Sora's new Gummi Ship and two others built by Master Goken.


Before the Getterborn Riots started, Goken was working on a secret weapon reminiscent of the Getter Robo to fight the new menace. One of the three Gummi Ships created to form this robot was mysteriously stolen, however, leaving Goken unable to finish it. However, when Sora, Aqua, and Lea found Goken with the Gummi Pilder, he gave them the remaining two ships and some notes on how to modify another to work with them. Using these notes, Benkei was able to modify the Gummi Pilder to work with the new ships in time for Sora and friends to form Gummi Kaiser to fend off the next attack from the Getterborn.


The Gummi Kaiser follows the Getter Robo's conventions as a combining robot with three forms, depending on the docking order of the three ships it is comprised of. The solar panels on the ships convert any solar energy they absorb into fuel, though they can be refueled much more quickly at Goken's lab.


  • Gummi Pilder- Sora obtained this ship from Riku after his return from Planet DP-71, and uses it when his main Gummi Ship was severely damaged by the Getterborn.
Gummi Pilder
Name Gummi Pilder
Type of Vehicle Gummi Ship
Driven by Sora
Special Abilities {{{ability}}}
Gained by Start
  • Valor Machine- (バロール マシーン) A primarily black-colored Gummi Ship with red accents, piloted by Lea.
Valor Machine
Name Valor Machine
Type of Vehicle Gummi Ship
Driven by Lea
Special Abilities {{{ability}}}
Gained by Obtained from Master Goken
  • Wisdom Machine- (ウィズダム マシーン) A primarily blue-colored Gummi Ship with white accents, piloted by Aqua.
Wisdom Machine
Name Wisdom Machine
Type of Vehicle Gummi Ship
Driven by Aqua
Special Abilities {{{ability}}}
Gained by Obtained from Master Goken

Default Mode

The most commonly used formation order (Gummi Pilder -> Valor Machine -> Wisdom Machine), piloted by Sora. It specializes in Keyblade-centric techniques and its stats are the most balanced out of the three forms.


Gummi Kaiser in default mode resembles a red mix of Ventus’ Keyblade armor and Xion’s fourth armored form in 358/2 Days.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Keyblades- Gummi Kaiser can use giant versions of any keyblades Sora, Aqua, or Lea have obtained, but it may only wield one at a time. Keyblade Techniques such as Ars Arcanum are also available for use.
  • Photon Beam- Borrowed from Mazinger Z, this attack shoots concentrated light from Gummi Kaiser’s eyes, strong enough to instantly vaporize a Heartless that has not yet been exposed to Getter.

Valor Mode

"Change, Valor Mode!" ~ Lea

This form (Valor Machine -> Wisdom Machine -> Gummi Pilder), piloted by Lea, has higher speed and attack power, but lower defense and lacks in magical abilities.


This form resembles a black mix of Terra’s Keyblade armor and Goofy's Disney Castle attire, with a head design like the latter's knight's helmet.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Kaiser Shield - a combo of Axel's Chakram and Goofy's Shield, which can be thrown like a boomerang.
  • Kaiser Cestus - a gauntlet that can smash an enemy's guard quicker than a Keyblade Combo.

Wisdom Mode

"Change, Wisdom Mode!" ~ Aqua

This form (Wisdom Machine -> Gummi Pilder -> Valor Machine), piloted by Aqua, specializes in magic and has higher defense, but with average speed and lower physical strength.


This form resembles a blue mix of Aqua’s Keyblade armor and Donald's Disney Castle attire, with a head design like the latter's wizard hat.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Kaiser Staff - a combo of Donald's magic staff and a dragoon's lance, which can harness fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, and ice elemental energy.
  • Kaiser Cannon - a handheld beam gun with ricochet fire.
  • Magic Bubble- a spherical force field that can absorb any specific type of elemental magic damage, but only one type at a time.


During Gummi Ship levels, the player controls the Gummi Pilder in more or less the same fashion as in Kingdom Hearts 2 or 3, while the Valor and Wisdom Machines are controlled by the computer in a fashion like Star Fox or Star Fox 64. All three ships may be customized with weapons and upgrades before a level, but there is no Gummi Editor to make new ships from scratch in Getterborn Rising.

Gummi Kaiser itself is typically used during boss battles with giant Getterborn, with the ability to change form at the cost of a full MP charge.

Musical Themes

"Spirit"* plays during a Gummi Ship level, up until the appearance of the end boss.

"Rebellion"* plays during the end boss battle of a Gummi Ship level.

"Flame"** plays when Gummi Kaiser is formed for the first time.

"STORM" by JAM Project plays during Kaiser's first boss battle.

"Tension"* plays during the giant boss battle of a Pixar World.




  • Kaiser's use of a Valor and Wisdom mode harkens back to the Drive Form system in Kingdom Hearts 2.