Kid Groot
Origin Tales to Astonish #13 (November 1960)
Alias Kid Groot
Teen Groot
Adult Groot
Type Flora Colossus
Role Hero
Home World Planet X
Other residences Xandar
Family Rocket Raccoon (Friend)
Attribute Branch / Tree
Status Alive
English Voice Kevin Michael Richardson(kid, adult)
Vin Diesel(teen)
Japanese Voice Vin Diesel
Groot is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He does not actually appear in the main story of Kingdom Hearts: The Third Ragnarok, but as a gag character in the ending credits of every episode, having somehow turned back into a kid, but is slowly growing back to his original size.


The only thing Groot seems to be capable of saying is "I am Groot", perhaps because he has yet to learn how to talk casually like everybody else. Groot is usually very gentle and warm, displaying kindness towards innocent life. However, he can also be merciless and brutal towards his enemies, especially if they threaten his friends.

As a kid, Groot displays more comical, sometimes mischievious behavior, and would usually prefer to outwit his enemies in cartoonish fashion.


  • The use of the "kid, teen, and adult" titles for Groot's three forms throughout his appearances in TTR mirrors that of Gohan in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Kid Groot's voice is the same as Cleveland Brown Jr.

Adult Groot

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