Origin Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past
Type Kage-Shin
Weapon Unknown, able to project energy beams and summon heartless
Attribute Water
Status Alive

Gree'ask is a Kage-Shin who was on patrol on an unknown ice cave.


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Shadows of the Past

Watching over the outpost as the Heartless workers were trying to dig out something out of the ice, he was seen talking to Pete, (unaware of the sudden arrival of Mickey Mouse who brought Donald Duck and Goofy to find out what was going on, much to their surprise and suspect this was Maleficent's plan after a while from her activities.) While watching the drones working and discovered their presence from Donald's sneeze, Gree'ask was about to obliterate them with his attacks but Donald's spell shielded them from the impact and chased them throughout the mines, using his power to command both Heartless and Nobody forces to find them, proving the king's theory on the existence of the Kage-Shin and the return of the Shadow Emperor Valdrann.

He returned to the palace and presented the Shadow Emperor of the gems to locate worlds to crush any possible rebellion or alliances with his enemies. Gree'ask was later one of a few selected by Fortis for an invasion of the isolated worlds of Magix once it's barriers are breached.

Behind the scene

The image was taken from the animated series Chaotic of the M'arrillian creature.

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