Governor Ratcliffe
Origin Pocahontas (1995)
Type Human
Role Villain
Home World Virginia
Weapon Gun, Sword
Status Arrested

Gov. Ratcliffe was a greedy, xenophobic English governor who wanted the Powhatans, whom he claimed Savages, dead.

After Ratcliffe meets with John Smith and dismisses the lad, Sora's group goes under cover as some of Ratcliffe's guards. As Kairi and Riku gather information which they feel may convict Ratcliffe for being greedy, the governor begins to feel something is wrong while his men dig for gold. He sends out Thomas to see if he can prove his loyalty, and succeeds in killing Kocoum. With cover blown, the rest of Sora's group retreat to the Powhatan camp and fear that war may be inevitable. As soon as Pocahontas and Sora stop a bloody battle, Ratcliffe was not convinced and then fought the team in battle. After loss, Ratcliffe manages to wound John Smith before he can kill Powhatan and is then arrested.

Sometime later, Ratcliffe plans revenge and frames John Smith for the events in Virginia. After John Rolfe comes back to England with Pocahontas, Sora and the others, Ratcliffe further plans his revenge under instructions from Maleficent. At the Hunt Ball, a bear is used to insult the king and Pocahontas is arrested. Knowing the truth, the still alive John Smith, John Rolfe and Sora's friends free Pocahontas from her cell. Ratcliffe then plans his armada to begin their attack on the Powhatans. The teams battle Ratcliffe's men then Ratcliffe himself. As Ratcliffe is about to execute Smith, Sora, Pocahontas and John Rolfe send the governor overboard as John Smith comments "Pity. I so would have preferred to see you hanged." On the docks, Ratcliffe attempts to lie again to King James, but is finally arrested for good.

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