Gosei Ground
Gosei Ground ~ Gosei Grand Megazord
Origin Tensou Sentai Goseiger (2010)
Alias Gosei Grand Megazord
Type Robot / Gosei Headder
Role Summon/ Ally
Home World Gosei World
Other residences Earth
Weapon Eraser Missiles
Attribute Land, Sky, Sea
Status Alive
English Voice Chris Auer
Japanese Voice Katsuyuki Konishi
Gosei Ground is the giant robot (form) of Gosei Knight.


  • Gosei Knight- The Goseiger allied warrior transforms into the Groundion Headder, which forms Gosei Ground's Head.
  • Groundion- Gosei Knight's Gosei Machine which forms Gosei Ground's arms and body.
  • Skyleon- Red Knight Brother which forms Gosei Ground's left leg.
  • Sealeon- Blue Knight Brother which forms Gosei Ground's right leg.


  • Ground Gosei Great- Gosei Ground's combination with Gosei Great.
  • Ground Hyper Gosei Great- Groundion Headder's combination with Gosei Great, The Landick, Seaick, Skyick, Knight Brothers, and Datas Hyper.

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