Fuuma gorgonshack - duel masters


In the last great Keyblade War during the Eternal Dark Empire's reign, Gorahn, alongside with Kizaku, Shade and Veilah was one of the subordinates of Xanobass under the alias as the "Master of Spies" orders to dispose Karas who was considered a traitor in the Shadow Emperor's eyes, although hesitant due to Karas more stronger then them being an Acolyte-level Kage-Shin but were assured he would use his magic to temporally increase their power to face him and promises of being permanent if they succeed their mission. If he was to demand who sent them he were to say they were under orders by Maleficent to eliminate him so that the two rivals would hopefully antagonise each other more to fight each other. They arrived, surprised to find him consulting with one of their greatest enemies, a Keyblade master known as Leah.

Following Karas until he was alone, the four surrounded him, ignoring his command to return to leave as they considered the Acolyte a traitor of the empire and launched a full-scale attack to kill him. Almost had the upper hand with their new found strength until he was aided by the key blade master from before and he was killed when Karas' blades struck him into the chest.

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