Goofy Goof
KH Goofy 2013
Kana グーフィ (Gūfi, lit. Guffy, but is pronounced as Goofy)
Origin Mickey Mouse and Friends
Alias Captain of the Royal Knight
Type Dog
Role Ally
Royal Knight
Age Unknown
Home World Disney Castle
Family Amos Goofy (father)
Unnamed mother
Max Goof (formely Goofy Junior) (son)
Mrs. Goof (wife)
Gaffy (brother)[1]
Geefy (younger brother)[2]
Wombat (uncle)
Tessie (aunt)
Captain Goof-Beard (grandfather)
Grandma Goofy (grandmother)
Gilbert Goof (nephew)
Debbie (niece)
Arizona Goof (cousin)
Gooferamus T. Goofy/Gooferamus G. Goof[3] (great-great-grandfather)
Wernher von Goof (cousin)
Aunt Goophelia (aunt)
Pattonleather Goof (great-uncle)
M. Angelo Goof (uncle)
Weapon Staff (Magus)
Attribute Light (光, Hikari)
Status Alive

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