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GokaiOh ~ Legendary Megazord.png
Origin Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (2011)
Alias Legendary Megazord
Type Robot
Role Mecha
Alignment Gokaiger
Weapon Gokai Ken
Attribute Greater Powers of previous Super Sentai teams
Status Active

GokaiOh is the giant robot of the Gokaigers. It uses the Greater Powers of mecha belonging to other Super Sentai teams.

It was used again to destroy the Iron Man Mk. 13 before Gai Ikari engages Lord Drakkon for his Gokai Cellular. GokaiOh was the first Megazord to engage the Black Dragonzord and giant Iron Man Mk. 2-7 before being backed up by the other Megazords, and they managed to dismantle all the evil robots while the Shin Avengers dealt with the Stark Administration leaders inside Iron Babel.


  • Gokai Galleon- Gokai Red's Gokai Machine, which forms GokaiOh's head, body, and twin cutlasses. It is also the Gokaigers' home base and mode of transportation.
  • Gokai Jet- Gokai Blue's Gokai Machine, which forms GokaiOh's right arm and helmet.
  • Gokai Trailer- Gokai Yellow's Gokai Machine, which forms GokaiOh's left leg.
  • Gokai Racer- Gokai Green's Gokai Machine, which forms GokaiOh's left arm.
  • Gokai Marine- Gokai Pink's Gokai Machine, which forms GokaiOh's right leg.

GoRen GokaiOh V2

Greater Powers

  • Gokai Avenger Shield- By harnessing the Greater Power of the Shin Avengers(and by extension, the Avengers as a whole), GokaiOh equips a giant version of Shin Captain America's shield, which it uses to destroy the enlarged Iron Man Mk. 13[1].
  • Buster OhRan GokaiOh- GokaiOh's combination with the OhKen Racer.
  • Twin GokaiKen Crash- Akin to OhBlocker's Twin BlocKen Crasher.
  • Legendary Ressha- GokaiOh deploys the Go-Buster Ressha, Gokaiger Ressha, Goseiger Ressha, Shinkenger Ressha, or Go-Onger Ressha to combine with ToQ-Oh.
  • GoRen GokaiOh V2- GokaiOh's combination with the Varidreen. It was seen only in the Battle of Starktopia 01[2].


  • GokaiOh was planned to have a combination with the Hulkbuster Armor, but that was scrapped because it would not make sense with the themes GokaiWhite wishes to convey in Marvel VS Super Sentai.
  • It's Gokai Ken Blitz attack is taken from the similar Blitz technique used throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • In Gokaiger vs Sokaiger, the Gokai Galleon is said to have lost its combining functions due to its repairs being rushed after the events of Ten Gokaiger, where it's salvaged core was utilized to make the Gokai Galleon Key. But Gokaiger vs Sokaiger will explain how its combining ability was restored before Marvel VS Super Sentai episode 9[1].