Go Metal
Go Metal ~ Titanium Ranger
Origin Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000) / Kyukyu Sentai GoGo V (1999)
Alias Shirogane "Plats" Tatsumi
Titanium Rescue Soldier
Lightspeed Titanium Ranger
Type Human
Role Hero
Home World Earth
Other residences United States of America
Family Matsuri Tatsumi/ Go Pink (adoptive sister)
Weapon MetalMax Blaster (Axe / Blaster)
Attribute Metal, Plus Energy
Status Alive
English Voice Rhett Fisher
Japanese Voice Hideyuki Tanaka

Shirogane / Go Metal is a "new" Silver Ranger allied with Kyukyu Sentai GoGo V. He's the adopted stepson of Dr. Mondo Tatsumi living in America, and an old friend of Kyoko Hayase, who helped him develop his own derivative of the GoGo V's technology for around fifteen to twenty years, and they had just finished it recently with help from an unlikely source.


  • Go Metal is actually the Lightspeed Titanium Ranger from GoGo V's adaptation (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue), and the first American exclusive Ranger, since GoGo V had no sixth Ranger, and this is referenced by the fact that he is a DLC character, and his birthplace is in the USA. This would make him more of an extra Ranger than a sixth Ranger.
  • Go Metal's Ground Pounder attack and Lightspeed Laser Beam are derived from the PS1 version of the PRLR video game.
  • Go Metal's Mega Battle Armor is also originally from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, albeit as a toy-exclusive armor.
  • Shirogane means "platinum", in accordance with his and his PR counterpart's ranger names, thus he is given the nickname "Plats". "Shirogane" is also the nickname for Tsukumaro Okami/ Gao Silver.
    • He also shares this name with Shirogane Takahashi, the original "GoLion" incarnation of Sven from Voltron.
Mega Battler Go Metal

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