GoZyuJin ~ Silversaurus Megazord.png
Origin Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (2011)
Alias Silversaurus Megazord, Q-Rex Drill
Type Robot
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Weapon Drill
Attribute Greater Powers of previous Super Sentai teams
Status Active

GoZyuJin is the giant robot of Gokai Silver. It transforms into the GoZyuDrill or GoZyuRex.

Greater Powers

  • Wing GoZyuJin- Gains flight, akin to Wing Mega Voyager.
  • GoZyu Eidan- Akin to Bull Taurus' Yagyuu Eidan finisher.
  • GoZyu Particle Beam- Akin to V-Rex's railguns.
  • GoZyu Revolver Phantom- Akin to Gao Hunter's Revolver Phantom finisher.
  • GoZyu Tenkuu Shuriken- Summons TenkuuJin's rotor to throw at enemies.
  • Mighty GoZyu Thunderstorm- New finishing move utilizing the greater powers of Thor and Storm.
  • GoZyu Cannon Drill- Akin to Cammy's Cannon Drill move.
  • Kanzen Dino Charge- Power Up technique utilized along with Dragon Caesar/ GouRyuJin, V-Rex (Robo), and Top Galer/ KillerOh.
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