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Glow, Dim, and Shade
Kana アカルイ/カスカ/クモリ
Origin Fan-Made
Original Name Akarui/Kasuka/Kumori
Alias The Bright/Slumbering/Shadowy Child
Type Somebody
Role Key Character
Age 7
Home World Spellbound Ascension
Family Each other
Weapon None
Attribute Light/Void/Darkness
Status Alive
Glow, Dim, and Shade are three key characters that Anthony, Lily, and Alex meet during their journeys. They were each originally on their homeworld of Spellbound Ascension, but events forced them into other worlds.


Glow, Dim, and Shade were each chosen as vessels for a shard of the Keyhole when Cleo's birth caused such a cosmic upheaval that it broke the Keyhole. They were then flung to separate worlds, possibly in an attempt by the worlds to keep both them and the Keyhole safe. Glow went to the Colorful Plains, Dim appears in Disney Town, and Shade is sent to Enchanted Dominion.

Throughout the story, each of the triplets is methodically hunted down by Cleo so that she can extract the shards of the Keyhole from their hearts. Though they fight against her with their various powers, she proves too powerful, and succeds in taking all three shards. It turns out that the shards of the Keyhole were what was keeping them from being time-stopped like their homeworld. Without their shards of the Keyhole, each triplet goes into a deep sleep.

When Cleo finally completes the Keyhole, the triplets reawaken partially as Sentiments to help Anthony, Alex and Lily. They forge temporary D-Links with the three initially, but Shade's link with Anthony is broken by Cleo before they can even begin their final battle. Anthony still emerges victorious (the girls also win their battles against Cleo's Remnant and the Unknown). With the Keyhole complete, and Cleo defeated, the world (and the triplets lives) returns to normal.


All three are triplets, and so have the same facial construct and approximately the same height.


Glow, the only female of the trio, is tall for her age standing at about 2' 9". Her hair is luxuriously long and soft, not to mention nearly platinum blonde. She has fair, but not pale, skin, and her eyes are blue. She has a soft yet angular face, and whilst in her Sentiment form she has two pure white angel wings.


Dim, the smaller of the two boys, is only an inch taller than his sister at 2' 10". His hair is silvery-gray, which seems to be a recessive gene he inherted from his mother. He has pale skin, and his eyes are gray. His face is more angular than his sister's, but softer than his brother's. While in his Sentiment form, he has six silver angel wings.


Shade is the tallest of the triplets, standing at 3 feet even. His hair is jet black, yet paradoxically lustrous. His slightly tanned skin seems to starkly contrast both his brother's pale skin and his sister's fair skin. His face is arguably the most angular or hard of the three, and his eyes are a stunning shade of amber. In his Sentiment form, he has a set of two black angel wings.

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