Hydrian Festung
Origin Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
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Government Lucid Imperial Administrated World (CoaK)

Realm of Light Administrated World (UW)

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Stories Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight
Theme Music Glatisant

Glatisant Fortress is a world in Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight. Situated on the peaks of Mount Ivrea, the Fortress is rather a series of ancient castles dating back to the old Kingdom of Avalon that existed sometime during the Dark Ages that took place after the Keyblade War. Being used as a tourist attraction. It was converted into a Fortress during the Lucidian War.


Glatistant is separated into five main areas. An initial Air Defense Area atop a smaller fortress, (Area Gate), a secondary air defense area with a large Pillar used as a makeshift Control Tower (Area Wall ), a flat area which deploys VTOL Aircraft and has secondary barracks (Area Garden), an incorporated Anti-Air Defense and frontline Troop deployment area located on the Center (Area Castle) and a final defense line which is made up of two large towers, housing Flak Cannons surrounded by other air defenses (Area Tower)




Glatisant-Main Theme

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