Romaji Gingaiō
Origin Seijuu Sentai Gingaman (1998)
Alias Galaxy Megazord
Type Star Beast / Robot
Role Ally
Home World Earth
Other residences Galeon, Galcon, Garilla, Gaverick, Gat
Family Gingamen, (Masters, Pilots), GoTaurus (ally)
Weapon GingaiKen, Galcon Bowgun
Attribute Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Flower
Status Alive
GingaiOh is the giant robot of the Gingamen, and the combined form of their Star Beasts. When the Gingamen summon the Starbeasts, they can channel the energy of the Starbeasts' home planets through their Mechanical Kiba Blades, transforming them into Silver Star Beasts.


  • GingaLeon- Ginga Red's Star Beast, a lion imbued with the fire element, that forms GingaiOh's torso and head.
  • GinGalcon- Ginga Green's Star Beast, a falcon/dragon hybrid imbued with the wind element, that forms GingaiOh's waist, back, and the Galcon Bowgun.
  • GinGarilla- Ginga Blue's Star Beast, a gorilla imbued with the water element, that forms GingaiOh's legs.
  • GingaVerick- Ginga Yellow's Star Beast, a wolf imbued with the thunder element, that forms GingaiOh's left arm.
  • Gingat- Ginga Pink's Star Beast, a wildcat imbued with the nature/flower element, that forms GingaiOh's right arm.

Musical Theme

A remix of "King of the Galaxy! GingaiOh!" (銀河の王者 ギンガイオー Ginga no Ohja! GingaiOh!), arranged by Nobuo Uematsu, is played during the giant battle with Gravity Beetle. The original version from Gingaman plays when GingaiOh is summoned into battle.
Chousoukou GingaiOh


By utilizing the power of the Galactic Lights, GingaiOh equips the SuperShine Armor and becomes Chosoukou GingaiOh. GingaiOh can also wield Thor's hammer in its left hand to unleash greatly enhanced versions of Thor's moves, such as "Mighty Ginga Spark".

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