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The Getterborn (ゲッターボーン Gettābōn) are the eponymous main antagonistic force in Kingdom Hearts: Getterborn Rising.


The Getterborn are Heartless or Nobodies which have been exposed to Getter Rays, giving them Getter Robo/Getter Robo G-like appearances. When a Heartless becomes a Getterborn, so too will its Nobody if it still exists, and vice versa. According to Cowen Stinger, they were created to be messengers of a mysterious force called the "Getter", which sees Sora as an enemy of the universe and desires his death.

Getterborn can be seen by themselves, or commanding groups of Heartless and/or Nobodies to do their bidding. However, the Getterborn seem to not be above attacking lesser enemies or using them as shields. They also transform into spaceships to beset travelers trying to reach worlds in Gummi Ships, resembling the Get Machine on top of the corresponding Getter Robo formation.


The Getterborn have high HP, and the Getterblade is the only keyblade that can deal damage normally to them. But until you acquire that keyblade, your only option is to run from the Getterborn. Similarly, they can appear as powerful enemy ships in Gummi Ship levels that cannot be shot down until you get a specific upgrade from Master Goken. They also drop rare synthesis materials to be used in strengthening your weapons/equipment or developing new ones.

  • Getter Shard – 13%
  • Getter Stone – 9%
  • Getter Gem – 6%
  • Getter Crystal – 3%



A red eagle-themed Heartless based on Getter-1, that uses tomahawks. It is the most common type, balanced in strength, magic, defense, and speed. It's ship mode resembles Eagle Machine.


A blue jaguar-themed Heartless based on Getter-2, with greater speed and magic. It uses a drill and a claw for hands, but it’s lean frame constitutes weaker defense. It's ship mode resembles Jaguar Machine.


A yellow bear-themed Heartless based on Getter-3 with greater strength and defense. It can fire rockets, stretch it’s arms, and walk on six retractable legs protruding from it’s lower body to take it where it’s all-terrain treads cannot, but it is quite slow and cannot jump or fly. It's ship mode resembles Bear Machine.


A green dragon-themed Nobody based on Getter Dragon, and counterpart of the Aquila. It can combine it’s double-tomahawks to be thrown like a boomerang, and it has greater strength and agility than the Aquila. It's ship mode resembles Dragon Machine.


An orange liger-themed Nobody based on Getter Liger, and counterpart of the Onca. It can fly, create after-images to confuse enemies, and it has a rocket propelled harpoon for a left arm and slightly better defense than the Onca. It's ship mode resembles Liger Machine.


A purple fish-themed Nobody based on Getter Poseidon, and counterpart of the Ursa. It is only slightly faster than the Ursa, but it can jump, release shockwaves from its feet, boasts the greatest defense of all the Getterborn, and it could fight with a ball and chain. It's ship mode resembles Poseidon Machine.


"Getterborn" refers to the Heartless/Nobodies in question being reborn through the Getter Rays.

Each Heartless sub-breed is named for their corresponding Get Machines' animal namesakes in latin, including the Draco, while the other two Nobody sub-breeds have different naming schemes; Rigell is a pun on "liger", bearing in mind the interchangeability of the letters "L" and "R" in japanese translating, and Piskes is named after the Zodiac sign for fish.


  • The Getterborn appear to have been inspired by the Invaders from Getter Robo Armageddon, or more specifically, the Metal Beast Dragon being an evil Getter Robo G made up of Invaders on a microscopic scale.
    • Their resemblances to Getter Robo's forms also harkens back to Armageddon's concept of mass-produced Getter Robos.