Geomancy (ジオマンシ, Jiomanshi) is the offensive magic of harnessing the surrounding environment that changes with the Geomancer's location, which appears in Kingdom Hearts Legacy. Although Geomancy can cover a broad field of magical elements and abilities, most mages, magicians, and sages actually never mastered or even learned the skill. This is because that Geomancy can only be mastered through constant practice and specialization of the element. Some of the most popular Geomancy elements are that of moving the earth, lashing out with the wind, and controlling the movement of flames and water.

As previously mentioned, Geomancy magic varies depending on the caster's location. For example, if a Geomancer were to harness the environment of a mountainous area, the result would be an Earth-type magic, such as an earthquake or changing the formation of rocks. Likewise, if a Geomancer used his/her abilities while in/around water, the result would be a water-based magic, such as creating a whirlpool or a wave. This is also true to the effects of cold polar regions, in which magic would involve the throwing of iciles or the summoning of a blizzard.

A mysterious element for Geomancy is fire. Although it has been reported by only few of the most skilled of Geomancers, fire Geomancy seems to be nearly impossible. This is becuase that there are not many regions or areas that have constant flame. However, active volcanoes tend to be good locations for harnessing such as element in the form of Geomancy. The result will be something such as summoning a burst of flames or rising the magma. The most powerful form of Geomancy known as of yet is known as Gem Break. The spells cause various types of large, precious gems to rise out of the ground and crash into the enemy from below them. The attack is the only non-elemental Geomancy spell.

Currently, the only well-known Geomancer is Professor Laurell, who teachers Geomancy in Shrine City as the head professor.


Name Description Element Target
Wind Slash Wind is concentrated into one, whip-like slash. Aero Single enemy
Icestorm A wide-range blizzard is summoned. Ice All enemies
Rock Pillars Pillars of hard earth are uprisen. Earth Single enemy
Whirlpool Water is formed into a rapid whirlpool. Water All enemies
Flame Flames begin to close in around an enemy. Fire Single enemy
Tsunami A massive wall of water is summoned. Water All enemies
Earthquake The earth shakes violently, crushing enemies. Earth All enemies
Tornado A raging tornado forms around an enemy. Aero Single enemy
Eruption Flames and magma erupt toward all enemies. Fire All enemies
Gem Break Precious materials arise from the earth in succession. Neutral Single enemy

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