Sure, I sense Gellax's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Major Information

Gellax is another member of the OF and is a master of illusions. He helped with the fight against Xobb and free Kaxrm. Gellax's keyblade is called Masked Luck ,and he is the nobody of Lealg (pronouced Leel-ga). Gellax controls Reborn.


He mostly wears his black coat,but at the beginning of Organization Final he takes it of, revealing full battle armor that looks like Lingering Segment's ,except all a dark silver color. During Organization Final:The Future Organization Final, he wears dark blue jeans and a pure white t-shirt. His shoes are black with a white strip. His hair is finally seen, and it's brown. The hair style he has is: Bed-head. Which basically means he doesn't comb it.


Gellax acted calm and always confuses people. However, in Organization Final:Path of the warrior and onward, Gellax seems somewhat impatient and annoyed.

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