Geki Touja
Geki Touja ~ Jungle Pride Megazord
Origin Juuken Sentai Gekiranger (2007)
Alias Jungle Pride Megazord
Type Robot / Animal Spirit
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Weapon Three sectioned staff, Fists
Status Active
Geki Touja is the main giant robot of the Gekirangers. The Gekirangers use their Geki Beasts in the form of animal spirit auras to fight normal sized enemies, and when a monster grows giant, the Geki Beasts take on corporeal form so the Gekirangers can control them like traditional mecha.


  • Geki Tiger- Geki Red's Geki Beast, which forms Geki Touja's head, arms, body, and thighs.
  • Geki Jaguar- Geki Blue's Geki Beast, which forms Geki Touja's left leg.
  • Geki Cheetah- Geki Yellow's Geki Beast, which forms Geki Touja's right leg.
  • Geki Wolf- Geki Violet's Geki Beast, which can replace Geki Cheetah as the right leg to form Geki ToujaWolf.
  • Geki Panther- A new Geki Beast, created in Wakanda by T'challa / Black Panther's Greater Power.
GekiRin Touja ~ Rinshi Pride Megazord


  • GekiRin Touja- Geki Touja's combination with Rin Lion and Rin Chameleon, giving it a greatsword based finisher and ranged attacks.
  • KaGeki Touja- Geki Tiger's combinination with Geki Wolf and Geki Panther . One of it's new techniques is the Jungle Fury Shadow Kick.


  • KaGeki Touja's signature moves is named after Johnny Cage's Shadow Kick.
  • "KaGeki" is a portmanteau of "shadow" (かげ Kage) and "attack" (ゲキ Geki).

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