Sure, I sense Gears Of War's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Gears Of War
"A Keyblade formed from the chaos imbued in war. Has high attack and magic."
Strength Magic
+5 +4
Berserk Charge - When MP Gauge is fully depleted, allows unlimited stringing of aerial and ground combos
Defeat Shadow Warp.

The Gears Of War Keyblade is one of Aqua's most powerful Keyblades, providing a safe coverage of both Strength and Magic.


The guard of the Gears Of War looks like a gear itself, although it is not exactly like Vanitas's Keyblade. The guard resembles the Time Warp's guard a bit more, since it has a similar shape, yet without any roman numerals on the guard.

The main blade of the Gears Of War is a crest of flame, forming a twisted and jagged flame formation all the way to the end of the blade. The teeth of the Gears Of War are three flaming spikes sticking out on both sides of the Keyblade's edge.

The keychain of the Gears Of War is a tiny clock gear, with a metal "X" in the center of the small, circular gear.


  • The Gears Of War Keyblade is named after the video game series Gears Of War.
  • The way the Gears Of War is obtained is similar to that of Mystery Morph: you can only obtain it when you beat an opponent whose personality and physical abilities almost mirror that of the Keyblade itself.
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