Origin Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World Beast;s Castle
Weapon Hunting gun, Bow and Arrows, Knife
Status Dead
Gaston appeared in Beauty and the Beast as the main antagonist. He now appears in the Kingdom Hearts series for the first time in Kingdom Hearts III.


Angered at the fact that Belle was marrying Prince Adam in a castle, Gaston disgraces himself. As LeFou and other villagers cheer him up at the bar, Maurice appears working on a project. After he is laughed at, Maurice is thrown out. Gaston then hatches up a plan and meets Maleficent. After discussing that Maurice is to be taken hostage and used as leverage, Gaston walks off with LeFou. As Sora calls Maurice to warn him, Gaston kidnaps the inventor. Knowing that the Beast is actually a prince from Maurice, Gaston gathers up an army of villagers and plans an invasion so he can get Belle's heart. Concerned what Gaston might do, Merlin suggests unleashing the Beast again and Adam agrees relunctantly. Belle is also taught to fight by Riku and Sora. When the invasion begins, those loyal to the prince hold off the villagers and the Beast, and Sora duel with Gaston. He then prepares to use Maurice as a human shield and kill him if Belle does not agree to marry him. The hunter fails to notice the Beast walk up behind him and then the creature first punches Gaston in the back and throws off the balcony to his death.


  • You see guys? No one rejects Gaston! (Gaston after punching an idiot out of a tavern)
  • Look Maleficent, this is crucial. I have plans to marry Belle, but she won't listen to reason. (Gaston explaining Belle to Maleficent)
  • What I am telling about is that Belle is doing her best to keep her father safe. (Gaston in his meeting with Maleficent)
  • Evening old man! (Gaston preparing to get a hold of Maurice)
  • (on a megaphone to Prince Adam)Alright you pathetic excuse of a prince, I've got your father-in-law right here. So unless you divorce Belle and let her marry me instead, I will give Maurice something, he would not deserve.
  • What? Those scouts I sent didn't make it?! (Gaston hearing of failure)
  • This is it boys! We'll rid the village of this beast! Who's with me?! (Gaston rallying his army of villagers)
  • We finally meet Belle. Face to face once again after days, no years. How about you come back to the village and marry me? (Gaston facing Belle for the first time since his past encounters)
  • Think about it! Say "I do" at our wedding, and I'll let your father go. (Gaston offering Belle marriage if she wants Maurice to live)
  • Alright Belle! You wanted it the damned hard way. Unless you accept marriage to me, your insane father dies on this balcony. (Gaston threatening Belle with Maurice's life at the stake)

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