Original Name Gage
Alias Gale, Galex, Galexgan
Type Nobody
Role Main Protagonist
Age 17
Home World The World That Never Was
Weapon Polearms
Attribute Sun, Fire, Light
Status Thought to be Deceased

Galexgan is the main Protagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Child of the Sun. Galexgan is a skilled weilder of polearms and controls the energies of the sun, causing him to use both powers of light and fire. He is a a co-founder and member of the New Organization.


Galexgan has no emotions as he is a Nobody. He is however surprisingly caring and thoughtful about some of the other members of the New Organization. He is intelligent and uses superb logic skills to solve most problems, causing him to be a valuable asset to the New Organization.


Past life

Galexgan was born in Twilight Town and often watched the Struggle tournaments held there. At a later age he started to participate in them himself but gave up because it was too easy. Galexgan grew tired of his everyday life and convincing his friends to go with him, set off on and adventure of a lifetime. However the adventure led to his and his friends eventual corruption and downfall in an Olympus Coliseum tournament.

After Becoming a Nobody

Galexgan continued on much as he did when he had a heart but for the empty void he felt he was also content woth his new life. Others in the New Orgniazation were not so happy and so for their sake atleast he began work on trying to find a way to regain hearts. After being betrayed by the New Organization's leader, Sulcax, Galexgan lost his memories and so began his usual Nobody life, but without the memory of anything before. Causing him to forget even the feeling of happyness. With this unrest in his heart he worked harder towards the goal of gaining a new heart but this memory loss also came at a price to Sulcax, not only did Gale forget his any reasons for wanting to stay a Nobody but he also lost his ability to be skilled with logic. Galexgan was eliminated by Sulcax after proving to him his "unworthiness" of donning the Organization's coat anymore.


"I marvel at the mysteries of the heart! So profound is it's existence and yet those who have a heart take its power forgranted!"

"You morn the loss of your heart, I cherish the fact that I'm still even able to breathe."

Battle quotes

"Mercy will not be shown to those who are weak." (at the start of a battle)

"Death and Rebirth!" (Using his limit break)

"It's only because you are foolish that you lost!" (when winning)

"This may be a problem." (when losing)


Galexgan has dark brown hair that when grown out begins to curl at the tips. He has blue-grey eyes normally but when using his limit break has glowing red eyes. Galexgan dons the coat and uniform of the New Organization for clothing and carries his trusted polearm "Falcon" with him wherever he goes. His skin is also noticably pale.

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