Galaxy Mega
Origin Denji Sentai Megaranger (1997)
Alias Megaship (Spaceship mode), Astro Megazord
Type Robot / Spaceship
Role Summon, Vehicle
Home World Earth
Weapon Mega Saber, Booster Rifle
Status Active

Galaxy Mega is the main giant robot of the Megarangers.

Galaxy Mega ~ Astro Megazord.jpg


  • Mega Shuttle- Docks inside the Mega Ship, and forms Galaxy Mega's head
  • Mega Ship- Forms Galaxy Mega's main body. arms, and legs.


  • The Mega Ship resembles a blue colored Millennium Falcon, which is especially apparent in Megaranger's adaptation, Power Rangers in Space, where it's counterpart is the Rangers' main mode of transportation to other planets.

Mega Ship.jpg

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