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Sure, I sense Galaxina The Seedrian (SRC)'s prescence, but I can't see anything!
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"You should truly control your...erm...spontaneous attitude."
—Galaxina to her younger sister Starla in Chapter 21

Galaxina The Seedrian is one of the last remaining members of a nearly dead species known as Seedrians, a plant-based races living on the planet Greengate. She is one of the more sensible characters in SRC, similar to Tails and (on occasion) Rouge.


Galaxina has two outfits in Sonic's Reality Check, but her canon one is used more often than her other costume.

From Chapter 21 Onwards

  • Teal hair
  • A white flower with a yellow bud coming out of the top of her head
  • Two yellow strands of the flower coming out of the sides
  • A teal-and-white colored petal-like dress
  • Green gem on chest

On Occasion Since Chapter 24

  • Teal colored hair becomes brunette
  • Flower on head hidden by coloring
  • Petal dress modified to look like a teenager girl's dress


Much like in the Sonic X canon, Galaxina is a kind-hearted and smart soul who wants to protect her sisters and peace around the universe. She has an affinity for flowers and cares to them with ease; however, she is, like Cosmo, a bit naive about some things in the human world.

She seems to be "sane" enough to even subdue SRC's insanity for a short while, as shown in Chapter 24 when she appeared in her human disguise, which completely differed from her regular outfit. This managed to surprise Nick to the extent of getting into a normal (albeit short) conversation with her.

Galaxina's Role

Full role coming soon


Coming soon


  • Galaxina is one of the few canon Sonic characters that appeared in SRC in their canon outfits.
  • Unlike some of the canon Sonic characters, Galaxina actually used the Internet to study up on Sonic canon when she landed on Earth.
  • The gem on Galaxina's chest gives her the power to read minds to an as-of-now unspecified extent.
  • Galaxina can also telekinetically control people and an object if she touches her hair.
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