Name Gabranth
Original Name Noah fon Ronsenburg
Type of Party Member Leader
Role Protagonist
Job Class Warrior
Home World Ivalice
Family Basch (Brother)
Weapon Swords
Affiliation Archadia
Status Alive

Gabranth is a secret party member for Johnny Madman in Dividing Lines. He is found in Midgar and later in the Mirage Arena, where he must be fought. He is a character from Final Fantasy XII.

Journal Entries

"A revered warrior who singlehandly toppled a nation. His Quickenings can be cast together or one by one.

He judged Vaan's party in Final Fantasy XII (2006)." - Johnny's Journal


"Very well. I am the Judge Magister. It is my duty to decide whether or not your life is worth living!"
—Gabranth, before fighting Johnny.

Gabranth is met in Shinra HQ the first time Johnny visits. When Johnny talks to him, Gabranth shrugs him off, saying that he is not worth his time. Johnny wonders what is with the man in armor. Later, Gabranth gives him a special Materia after Johnny defeats the malfunctioning weapons in Act II. The materia later leads Johnny to Shantelle.

In Act III, a special tournament opens up in the Mirage Arena. Laguna warns Johnny about the tournament, that that the contestants aren't like the ones he's fought before. Johnny gets to the last round against Gabranth. Gabranth explains his story briefly and tells Johnny to fight with all his might. After a long duel, the two clash with Johnny's Megaflare and Gabranth's Fulminating Darkness. Johnny wins this clash and Gabranth admits that Johnny is quite strong and joins him in his journey.

Fighting Style

Gabranth is a Warrior, dealing heavy damage with melee attacks, but minor damage with magic. With a piece of Nethicite Resin, Gabranth can deal normal damage with magic, at the cost of more energy used.

Gabranth's Limit is Quickening, where he uses his three Quickenings from Dissidia. The player is prompted to activate other Quickenings to build up damage.

Music Themes

The song "Seeking Power" from Final Fantasy XII is used to represent Gabranth. The music "Fight to the Death" from Final Fantasy XII is used when you battle Gabranth.


  • Gabranth has Mist Charges instead of a Limit Meter.
  • One of Gabranth's outfits is Basch's outfit from Final Fantasy XII, referencing his impersonation of Basch.

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