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Kana ゴス王
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Alias Guardian of the Hall of Heroes
Type Unknown, Somebody
Role Ally
Age Unknown, likely ageless
Gender Male
Home World Hall of Heroes
Status Possibly immortal
English Voice Garry Chalk
Japanese Voice Takayuki Miyauchi

GOTHOH is an original character created for Superhero Keyblade Wars, however, he will be featured in Kingdom Hearts: The Third Ragnarok and Dynamic Pantheon instead. His name is an acronym for "Guardian Of The Hall Of Heroes", and the Hall of Heroes is where great heroes reside after they die.


While Kairi and Sarah discuss the legitimacy of the rumors about Sora and Riku, spread by Empress Hazel, GOTHOH appears before them, assuring that neither Sora nor Riku are dead, as he would have noticed this by then. He offers to bring Kairi along to rescue Sora herself, but Sarah convinces the GOTHOH to take her instead.

Upon reaching Far Far Away, which had been renamed Neo Asgard-III by the time of their arrival, GOTHOH explains to Sarah that he cannot follow, but he leaves the Gummi Pilder behind for her and Sora to use, and gives Sarah a Keyblade, along with the power of waking, in case his worst fear about Sora is realized. He then returns to the Hall of Heroes.

GOTHOH had also sent another Gummi Pilder, on auto-pilot, to find Riku on Planet DP-71 and bring him back to Destiny Islands as soon as he is ready.


  • "If Sora was dead, I would know by now!" - to Sarah and Kairi.
  • "This world is far beyond my area of jurisdiction, and I've already done you an enormous favor by even bringing you here." - to Sarah, after bringing her to Neo Asgard.


  • GOTHOH's name is also a pun on his appearance, which incorporates punk/Gothic and king/black knight elements, making him look like a Goth King, since the "OH"(王) in his name is Japanese for "king".
  • GOTHOH's japanese voice is to be provided by vocalist Takayuki Miyauchi, who made his Super Sentai debut by performing for Choudenshi Bioman.
  • GOTHOH's english voice will be provided by Garry Chalk, who voiced Optimus Prime in the english versions of Transformers Armada, Energon, and Cybertron, and also recently appeared in the new Power Rangers movie.
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